El León de Venecia es una fábula en contra del sentimiento de venganza instalado en el alma del hombre y la mujer posmodernos, como consecuencia de la asimilación de un concepto utópico de justicia que es ajeno a la naturaleza humana.

One day, Lara and her cubs wander far from their pride in search of water. On their way back home, they are suddenly attacked by a group of hyenas. Lara tries with all her might to defend her young cubs, but the hyenas outnumber her. Sadly, her son Etienne is killed during the fight, leaving Lara filled with pain and rage. Will Lara ever get over her loss? Through lyrical prose and gorgeous illustrations, Guillén teaches his readers a very important lesson in forgiveness. Speaking through Zemek, the leader of the pride, the author explains the poisonous effects that revenge has on the mind, body, and soul. This fable is a call to everyone to begin living life as nature intended, free of vengeance

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